Your Guide to Pre-Retirement

If you’re a pre-retiree, 胜博发娱乐app下载 is ready to help you plan for your new phase in life. With support in advocacy, insurance benefits, social opportunities and more, joining the association and leveraging our resources just makes good sense.

Plan To Be Active

If your retirement is within sight, now is the time to create a game plan. Plan what you’re going to do with your time. You’re used to working hard, probably long hours. Once you’re retired, you may discover there is a lot of day to your day. Plan now how you want to fill those hours. 爱好? Exercise? Volunteering? 旅行? All of the above?

Get Social

Your social circle gets smaller when you leave work. So reach out to old friends, and make some new ones. You can join a club, do an evening class, or simply invite a neighbor over for coffee. Of course, if you’re not already a member of 胜博发娱乐app下载, now is a great time to join, to get involved and meet people even before retirement begins!

Create A New Identity

When you become a retiree, you may feel like you’ve lost your identity, especially your identity related to work. So create a new identity! Who are you going to be in this new phase of life? 艺术家? 作家? Volunteer Superstar? You get to decide – and you can make it fantastic and exciting and productive.

Get Covered

Be sure you have your insurance benefits in place for your retirement years. Often Medicare and 状态 policies don’t cover all your needs. Luckily your association provides supplemental insurance that can fill the gaps in your coverage, like Dental Plans, Vision Plans, Life Insurance, and much more. Learn more in the Benefits section of this website.

Reduce Spending

Pre-retirement is a good time to get back to personal finance basics like budgeting. If you track your spending for a few months to see where your money is going, you may discover opportunities to save for retirement without having a big impact on your lifestyle.

Right-Size Your Home

If you live in a home that’s bigger than you need, consider downsizing before you retire. This may free up funds for investing, while also reducing your costs on mortgage, 税, utilities, maintenance, and more.

Rebalance Your Portfolio

In retirement, you’ll need your investments to provide income that lasts for years. To accomplish this, you may want to review your investment strategies, and make adjustments to your portfolio. If you are knowledgeable in this area, you may be able to do this yourself. However, most people can benefit from talking to an investment advisor to get their expert advice.

If you plan now, and get some help from your friends at 胜博发娱乐app下载, you can make retirement an exciting adventure and a great success. So even though you’re pre-retirement, start taking steps now to make retirement your best years yet!

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